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Spam, otherwise known as ambiance and noise pollution. This page is a repository of spam-filter triggers.

Noisy NPCs

Communications imp

^[ A-Z].{0,}he communications imp (asks|exclaims)\: (?!.*promotion).*$


^(Noobie|the ghost of Noobie) (says|asks|exclaims) .*$


^[ A-Z].{0,} paper(boy|girl)(s|) (exclaims|loudly exclaims|moves|arrives|leaves) .*$


^Ryattenoki (says|asks|exclaims|tugs on|nudges|points|pokes|prods|exudes a fishy kind|is looking for|will accept|offers to sell you|might go away if|waves a fresh haddock).*$

Pets and Summons


Data needed.


Doesn't include hungry fruitbat messages.

^.*the giant fruitbat flaps her wings\.|.*the giant fruitbat squeaks happily\.|.*the giant fruitbat scratches her belly\.$


^The .* cloud swirls and swirls and swirls some more\.|The swirling cloud reminds you of someone called Misty\.$

Moon dragons

Possibly the spammiest pet ever.

^The .* moon dragon (pads softly about|runs up and down|hiccups|daydreams|looks embarrassed|hisses angrily at|swears violently at|sits up on|rustles about on|shakes out|combs out|nibbles|chews on|licks|brushes|shakes|peers dubiously|pulls a|fluffs up|settles down comfortably|preens|gnaws on your|peers thoughtfully at|yawns|arches|steps on|does).*$



Noisy rooms

AM post office

^The aged teller (mutters|grumbles|grunts in a disgruntled|attempts to hide|says: (Don't post nested containers|It costs one dollar per)).*
^A pigeon coos quietly from somewhere near the ceiling\.|A night cleaner knocks over a mop bucket spilling water on the floor\.|A busy postal worker jostles you as he rushes past on an urgent errand\.$

Outside the Drum

^.*(opens|closes) the Mended Drum's sturdy door\.|A passing witch clears her throat mightily\.|There is a sudden white flash around a passing wizard\.|The pub door opens and a body is hurled onto the street!  He must have been caught up in a brawl\.|A man is hit in the back of the head by a thrown cobble\.$

Player spam

Health all

^[ A-Z](\S*\s*){0,4} studies (.+?) and you\.$