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Custom stationary can be ordered from Ann Celeria at the Slippery Hollow Stationery Shop in Slippery Hollow.

She is a thin woman with a twitching nose that brings to mind the word "rabbity."  She seems to be rather short-sighted, and squints around vaguely trying to work out what is going on past the end of her nose.
She is in good shape.
She is standing.
Wearing : a pair of hard leather boots and a black cotton dress.

She makes stationary on custom order.


You are able to order various types of stationary from Ann by saying in Morporkian "order" or "I want to order.".

Ann Celeria asks: You want me to make something special for you?
Ann Celeria exclaims: Remember all packs of paper or envelopes come in quantities of ten!
Ann Celeria says: If you want to cancel the order at anytime just tell me to "stop."
Ann Celeria says: Ok, well I can create these things for you.
Ann Celeria says: Your options are: packs of envelopes, packs of paper and books.

Then simply choose which option you'd like, the colour, and the quantity which is done in TENS for paper and envelopes.

You can stop ordering by simply saying "Stop."

When your order is ready you simply say "collect" or "I'd like to collect.".

Stationary Types

Ann Celeria says: Yer options are: packs of envelopes, packs of paper and books.

Remember Ann only does packs of paper and packs of envelopes in quantifies of TEN.

Stationery can be ordered in the following styles:






Paper is ordered in packs of ten.

Plain Paper

Plain paper costs &&&&&&&&&&&&+999 Ls 6|11 1/4 per ten sheets, and looks like:

This is a very unremarkable sheet of writing paper.


Envelopes come in several sizes: small, medium, large, and huge.

Envelopes look like:

This is a <size> <colour> envelope.


Ann offers books with the following page counts (per book):





After choosing page count, she will ask for the style you want the books in.

Finally, Ann will ask for how many books you want. You can choose from one to five books.

Plain Books

Plain books cost

Pages Cost
Sixteen &&&&&&&&&&&+1998 LC 1|1|10 1/2
Twenty-Four &&&&&&&&&&&+2799 LC 1|7|5 1/4
Thirty-Two &&&&&&&&&&&+3600 LC 2|1|-
Forty &&&&&&&&&&&+4200 LC 2|5|2

and look like:

This is a very plain book, in fact the only thing that makes it interesting are the letters SH inlaid in gold in the corner.


A coloured border can be applied to stationery from the colour choices below.


Your options are: enormous spider carapace, quill-and-inkpot, cloak-and-dagger, tree of the dead, slippery hollow, spooky windmill, crossed swords, bloodied altar, all-seeing eye, headless horse, lightning bolt, bow and arrow, haunted house, sun and moon, horses' head, bandersnatch, witches' hat, fluffy bunny, silver bells, family crest, worm sword, love heart, rain cloud, wyrm sword, jabberwock, horseshoe, lockpick, sofa bed, gargoyle, rosebud, unicorn, cabbage, top hat, castle, flower, camel, rider, staff, ankh, fish, frog, rat, axe and cat.


Colours can be applied to all types of stationery. For books and paper, you will have to select the coloured option.

Ann Celeria says: Your options are: midnight blue, sickly yellow, pastel orange, forest green, bright white, olive green, muddy brown, aquamarine, frog green, blood red, tangerine, pale pink, sky blue, sapphire, lavender, scarlet, crimson, magenta, silver, indigo, yellow, violet, purple, orange, black, green, white, brown, cream, blue, cyan, pink, gold, grey and red.