Al Khali

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Al Khali is the currently inaccessible city capital of Klatch. Al Khali sits upon the river Tsort, ten miles from where the river flows into the Circle Sea at Al Khali's harbour, Seriph's Wharf. It is surrounded by savanna and pepper plantations.

The El Kinte Caravan stops in Al Khali.

Al Khali is an option for a character's regional starting location. It is described as rather like Ankh-Morpork, but with sand instead of mud, and is popularly called the Gateway to the mysterious continent of Klatch. The city is known for its wind, blowing from the vastness of the deserts and continents nearer the Rim. A gentle but persistent breeze, it "carries aromatic messages from the heart of the continent, compounded of the chill of the deserts, the stink of the lions, the compost of the jungles and the flatulence of the wildebeest".