Akina TR-10

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The Akina TR-10 is an iconography camera that rewards its slightly more complicated setup with a nice description on any image taken properly. It requires a separately purchasable lens that has to be attached before it can be used.


Once held, you first have to aim the camera at the object or room (here) of your choice.

Then the camera should be focused until the image becomes crystal clear. This uses gp and requires a perception skillcheck.

You then can preview the picture by looking through the view finder.

Finally, you simply press the button on the camera and a picture gets drawn (much more quickly than with other cameras).


There are settings for aperture and shutter speed that have to be adjusted if the resulting picture turns out too bright or too dark.


Like with the roundworld version of cameras, larger aperture values make the image darker. This statement appears incorrect as of 25Oct2020. Will confirm with further research.

Smaller aperture values make the image darker, larger values will make the image brighter.

The aperture value can be adjusted with: adjust aperture on camera to <value>

The valid apertures are: 3, 4, 6, and 8

Shutter Speed

Larger shutter speed numbers however make the image brighter. One could regard these numbers as milliseconds instead of the more common 'seconds/n'.

The shutter speed can be adjusted with: adjust shutter speed on camera to <value>

The valid shutter speeds are: 30, 60, 90, 125, and 250


A successful photo looks like this:

This is a colour iconograph.  It shows a crystal clear image full of life, depicting Vee:
You see Wise Vee of Mrs. Widgery's Lodgers, the Fourth Level Wizard.
Ethereal flames spread around her, burning in a crimson fire that reaches out and envelopes her completely.
She is breathtaking to say the least. Her mischievous grin only enhances her beauty. Her fur is composed entirely of fire- the head orange with eyes of deep yellow, her body mostly dark orange with patterns of red and crimson. The claws on her paws are razor sharp and could easily skewer several men. 
 She is also a wee lass with a sooty face spotted with dirt and freckles and a tangled mess of crimson hair above it. If you squint hard enough, you might be able to tell what part is the illusion -or get the mother of all migraines.
She is in good shape.
She is standing.
She has a three star shield floating around her.
Her skin looks as hard as rock, although it seems weaker around the face.
She is soaked and doesn't look that well at all.
She looks rather warm.
Holding : an Akina TR-10 dual-action camera (left hand) and a Klein bottle (right hand).
Wearing : Searing Socks, Blazing Boots, Glowing Gloves, Charring Coat, Conflagrating Collar and Hot Helm.
Carrying: an assassins' metal box.
In the background you can see Gods' Collar.