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His purse is home to only moths!}}
His purse is home to only moths!}}
|{{abbr|Lord Sung|Before you stands Lord Sung, master of House Sung and a High Lord in the Empire.  With his sloping forehead, his eagle-like nose and pronounced cheekbones, he is the very picture of an Imperial aristocrat.  Long black hair, with only a few silvery wisps, is tied back into a stylish tail.  From under his brow, the clear brown eyes of a wise and intelligent man gaze out onto the world.  His hands are manicured to perfection.
He is in good shape.
He is standing.
Wearing : a pair of hard-soled tabi, a cobalt kimono, a hexagonally-linked kikko, a fish ring and a Sung family crest.
His purse is home to only moths!}}

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These are npcs that are part of an Agatean family.

They stay on the estate of their respective family, unless abducted or otherwise harmed by people up to no good (as part of missions for example).

The appearance of the npcs are recorded (hover over the npc name). This can give you a better idea of the families when choosing which family to join.

Fang Hong McSweeney Sung Tang
Lord Lord Fang Lord Hong Lord Sung
Lady Lady Hong Lady Sung
Children Lord Hong Jr Young Lady Sung
Assassins Shi Ni Wun Bad Apple Korido Nirisun Ooh Chu Yuan Dai Slo Li
Priests Sevequii Hukky Old Kanetoki Huineng Oracle Sameibo
Thieves Cheng Jung Fusairyusun Kyuki Ruzarosun Ms Shasunisa Spymaster Lii
Warriors Captain Nong Iruyas Gorufujou Moo Pei Blind Wu
Witches Lady Yaniwa Yahani Tue Fluffy Panda Miyatoka Nanny Bugeha
Wizards Ko Harnen Junuho Puna Gyodo Deng Ming Doo Nomeryu
Mission NPCs Gyutoyaguni Gizobehana Sukokkoi Kunaikuka Hatayagainoro
Cook / Chef Yu Ten Sil Shabu-Shabu Cookie Ren Wa
Family inhume office serious young woman glamourous young woman
Guard Fang family guard Hong family guard
Other named Groundskeeper Wy Li

The Cad

Mrs McHenry Lord Kang Sung Moh Nae

Three Solid Frogs

Other unnamed bored Fang doorman

Loyal manservant

<adjective> gardener

<adjective> servant
<adjective> accountant

Pets Dekko the Fang family dog Zanshin the Hong family hawk Claris the cow Su Su the Sung family peacock Tekizaryumyu
Fang Hong McSweeney Sung Tang

Npcs who are the same for all families:

  • <adjective> geisha

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