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In Bes Pelargic, there are five principle Agatean families. They are the Fangs, the Hongs, the McSweeneys, the Sungs, and the Tangs. Players can join a family if they are in good enough standing with them. Some families have additional requirements, such as an Agatean birth certificate or skills.


You may be able to improve your standing with a family by killing their enemies or by "donate"ing money to them in their finance room (a few hundred rhinu may be required to raise your standing to the point where you can join).

If you give crests belonging to an enemy family to your family's mission npc, you'll immediately improve their opinion of you, and affect other families' opinions of you based on how much they liked the family whose crests you delivered. Note that they will only accept crests from players who are already members of their family.

There may be a delay between killing a family's allies or enemies and having their opinion of you change.

Some of the different standings are (incomplete):

  • would happily see you drop dead (at this point, or possibly before, the guards will attack you (after a warning) if you enter the estate)
  • despises you with a fiery passion
  • thoroughly detests you
  • hates you
  • intensely dislikes you
  • holds a very low opinion of you
  • does not like you at all
  • thinks very badly of you
  • thinks badly of you
  • holds no strong opinions about you
  • thinks well of you
  • thinks very well of you
  • likes you
  • likes you a lot (at this point you may join the family)
  • holds a high opinion of you
  • holds an extremely high opinion of you
  • holds the highest regard for you
  • treats you as a family friend
  • considers you a close family friend

You can find out your standing with all families by going to a family library, or the Hall of Records, and "check"ing yourself. In a more organic way, you can get a sense of what they think of you by how the npcs on the estate react to you.

Relations between families

Relationships between the families are constantly shifting, so if you're eager to go out and strike down the enemies of your family (or the one you're trying to join), you may need to find out who they are, first. You can find out how different families are getting along by going to the Hall of Records or a family's library and "check"ing a family. So if you want to know what the Fangs think of the other families, you can "check fang".

These are some of the possible opinions families can have of each other (may not be in order):

  • are officially in a state of full-blown war.
  • are engaging each other in light skirmishes.
  • detest each other.
  • deeply distrust each other.
  • are on poor terms
  • are neutral towards each other.
  • hold a tentative peace agreement
  • are on good terms.
  • are on extremely good terms.
  • share an official strategic alliance.
  • have declared themselves an indomitable coalition.


Families assign missions.


When you join a family, you receive a family crest. When wearing this crest, you'll have a title in your whois that reflects how many missions you've completed. The title lists vary from family to family, and they also depend on your guild.

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