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Agatean is spoken in Bes Pelargic, the Brown Islands, and by Wreck-Me-Own-Boat Thursday on the Isle of Tonahamen.

Learning it

Morporkian students can learn it in Little Agatea in Ankh-Morpork.

Djelian, Ephebian, Morporkian, and Uberwaldean students can learn it in the Bes Pelargic Language Institute.

Tming it


Spoken Agatean can be tmed all over Bes Pelargic, but there are a few particularly chatty areas/npcs. A few good ways to tm it are:

  • Hanging out in the Square of a Thousand Parades or Dragon Head Square in Bes Pelargic, where you can hear things said anywhere in the square.
  • Wandering around the family estates in Bes Pelargic, where named human npcs will generally say something to you when you enter the room (there are also some stationary npcs who are a little chatty)
  • Getting Ryattenoki to follow you around
  • Following around Quisoda and the Iron Philosopher, who hang out together and argue with each other


Apart from signs in shops, road signs, and handbills throughout Bes Pelargic, and primers:

  • Youths wearing sandwich boards wander around Bes Pelargic. You can read these.
  • The Bes Pelargic Language Institute sells dictionaries in Agatean--look for the ones with descriptions say they're for Agatean students.
  • The book shop at the entrance to the Bes Pelargic L-Space Bubble sells a few books in Agatean, with the atlas being fairly long.
  • Nicolette Leveaux's shop has an Agatean clothing catalogue, among others.
  • The Agatean family estates have books detailing their histories.
  • A stall in the black market in Bes Pelargic sells a revolutionary document in Agatean.