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The afk command changes your afk status or tells you what it is.


afk {on|off} 
afk <message> 

"Afk" by itself will tell you what your current afk message is, if any, and whether it's on or off.

"Afk on" or "afk off" will turn your afk message on or off.

"Afk <message>" changes your afk message (but does not turn it on). Messages can be up to 79 characters long.

You need to have a message set before you can turn it on for the first time. Your afk message is preserved over logins, so will stay as whatever it was last until you change it again.


When your afk message is on:

  • Your afk message will show up in your whois.
  • If someone sends you a tell, they will be warned that you are afk and shown your message.
  • If you send someone a tell, you'll be warned that you're afk.