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Stat dependencies
Con Dex Int Str Wis
1 1 1 1 1
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Adventuring.points determines the number of adventuring guild points a player has.

A player's adventuring guild points is their bonus in this skill, plus 50.


TM opportunities

Bonus Action taken
5 Trick with yo-yo
10 Trick with yo-yo
15 Trick with yo-yo
104 Climbing trellis of Thieves' Guild, empty hands, 48% burden
124 Climbing ivy in Djelibeybi park, empty hands, 57% burden
125 Dragging a cart in Sto-Lat, 47% burden
130 Climbing trellis of Thieves' Guild, empty hands, 24% burden
151 Leaping across 4 stumps in Assassins' Courtyard, 7% burden
163 Climbing east from west front wall of The Drum, empty hands, 25% burden
178 Consulting a Discworld Map
190 fish around in pool in The Seasick Serpent
210 crawling in crawl slow mode
236 search pool in The Seasick Serpent
251 Searching in AM
256 Searching in AM
307 Determining wind direction at Slippery Hollow crossbow