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Adventuring.movement.swimming is the skill which determines how well a player can swim, stay afloat, and some related things.research


  • Staying afloat (resist sinking down) with heavier inventory, as well as swimming up with heavier inventory.
    • Burden is not a factor, only the weight of what you are holding / carrying / wearing. Burden depends not only on the weight of things, but also on your strength and if the items are held, carried or worn.
  • Resisting being swept into another room by the current, where applicable.
  • Swimming from room to room.
  • Swimming at the Pishe Gardens or Brown Islands is rather safe.
  • Trying to go down in water despite being light and floating.
  • Dunking people or avoiding being dunked in the pool in Creel Springs.

Swimming Items

There are some items that assist in swimming.

  • Floaties make a player more buoyant. Available at the Creel Springs bathing shop.
  • Swim rings also make a player more buoyant at the cost of making swimming harder. Available at the AM Pishe temple shop.
  • Fishy flippers are available in the Fish temple in the sunken ship below the Bes Pelargic harbour. When worn they should make it easier to move around in the water but harder on land.
  • A shimmering fish scale bodysuit (it's a shirt) is also available from the Fish temple in the sunken ship but it is unclear if it helps to swim.

Spells and Rituals

  • Sacred Fins will increase the swimming skill of a player if they are not wearing anything on their hands or feet.
  • Breathe Underwater will allow a player to breathe underwater.
  • Finneblaugh's Thaumic Float will allow a player to float over water instead of sinking into it. It does not work underwater however.


Holding weapons and wearing boots while swimming makes it more difficult to keep afloat or move. Unhold/remove such things first and then try moving before "remove all, drop all" if you find yourself in water unexpectedly.


Witches float more easily than other characters making it far easier for them to not drown. It is harder for them to swim.

Giant fruitbats fly above the water, but they are not good swimmers, they can have difficulty following back out of water rooms and thus they can drown easily when submerged, especially when carrying heavy stuff. They should be left in a safe place before going swimming below the surface.

TM opportunities

Bonus Action taken - Location - Weight of inventory (Burden is easy to know, but not directly connected to weight which is what matters) - Hands Free
104 Swimming Bes Pelargic river (BP) Two 3% burden
115 Swimming Tora Lake (BP) Two hands free 3% burden
117 Swimming Tuna Bay (BP) Two hands free 3% burden
118 Swimming in turnwise ocean, no gloves or boots, 6% burden
118 Moving through a pool in the Slouching Gardens (Ephebe), 30% burden
119 Dunking moon dragon Creel Springs hot springs Two hands free 26% burden
121 Swimming Pishe Garden hot tub (AM) Two hands free 30% burden
122 Dunking totem Creel Springs hot springs One 40% burden
123 Swimming Bes Pelargic River (BP) Two hands free 3% burden
126 Swimming Pishe Garden pool (AM) Two hands free 3% burden
126 Swimming Tang Bay (BP) Two hands free 2% burden
131 Swimming Tang Bay (BP) Two hands free 2% burden
133 Swimming Pishe Garden pool (AM) Two hands free 8% burden
139 Swimming Pishe Garden pool (AM) Two hands free 8% burden
160 Trying to swim circles in the AM Waterpark (gloves and boots on, 9% burden)
224 Swimming across Widdershins Ocean, 14% burden, no boots
286 Dunking Sto Lat petshop cat in Creel Springs hot springs 23% burden