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! Bonus !! Action taken
! Bonus !! Action taken
| 118-121||  drive fist into bucket.
| 118-127||  drive fist into bucket.
| 415||  resisting Piscatorial Patulous.
| 415||  resisting Piscatorial Patulous.

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Stat dependencies
Con Dex Int Str Wis
4 0 0 1 0
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Adventuring.health is the skill used to determine how many hit points a player has.


  • When swimming, this skill determines the length of time a player can hold their breath underwater before they begin to drown.
  • Driving your fist into the sand in the Samurai dojo uses and can TM this (takes 200 fighting GP, and requires empty hands with no gloves)
  • Surviving an inhume is rumoured to be able to tm this.research
  • Drinking achorion purple TMed this in the distant past, but may no longer do so.research
  • Resisting Piscatorial Patulous.
  • Your hit points increase as you increase your adventuring.health bonus like this: Max HP = floor( (150 + 10 * con + 4 * ad.he bonus) * weight-factor )


No groups have this skill as a primary.

TM opportunities

Bonus Action taken
118-127 drive fist into bucket.
415 resisting Piscatorial Patulous.