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(101-150 bonus: 118 - small leather shield)
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{| class="wikitable sortable" border="1"
{| class="wikitable sortable" border="1"
! Bonus !! Action taken
! Bonus !! Action taken
| 118 || vurdere small leather shield

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Con Dex Int Str Wis
0 0 4 0 1
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Adventuring.evaluating.armour is the skill used to determine a player's accuracy when comparing multiple pieces of armour with the vurdere command.

This skill should not be confused with people.trading.valueing.armour, which is used when determining the monetary worth of a piece of armour.


The following groups have this skill as a primary:

TM opportunities

0-50 bonus

Bonus Action taken

51-100 bonus

Bonus Action taken

101-150 bonus

Bonus Action taken
118 vurdere small leather shield

151-200 bonus

Bonus Action taken
168 "vurdere pair of thick-rimmed spectacles" - failed
180 "vurdere pair of thick-rimmed spectacles" - failed

201-250 bonus

Bonus Action taken

251-300 bonus

Bonus Action taken

301-350 bonus

Bonus Action taken

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