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Adventuring.acrobatics.tumbling is the skill which determines a player's ability to fall from a height without taking damage.


  • Tumbling is used when sliding down the banister in the Thieves Guild in Ankh-Morpork.
  • You tumble to use the L-Space gap in the Genua library.
  • Tumbling is used for jumping off the diving board in the Ankh-Morpork Pishe Waterpark.
  • Tumbling is used for diving off of the jetty in Il Drim.
  • Tumbling is used on the balance beam in the Ninja guild in Bes Pelargic.
  • To leave the moonlit market by jumping (or are shoved), tumbling is your friend. Otherwise, the pavement (and damage) will happily be your best buddy.
  • When you go through a trapdoor in the Rat Farm--whether intentionally or not--tumbling is used to see if you take damage from the fall.
  • Getting past someone who is guarding the flagpole in CTF.


The following groups have this skill as a primary:

TM opportunities

Bonus Action taken
103 Going through rat farm trapdoor, 27% burden
158 Going through rat farm trapdoor, 36% burden
171 Diving off from Il Drim jetty
176 Jumping from the Moonlit Market window, 40% burden
177 Jumping from the Moonlit Market window, 40% burden
222 Getting past someone guarding the flagpole in CTF, 6% burden