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Achievements are rewards for participation within the game. They are a new system, made available about Christmas of 2008.


Achievements are devided into categories based on the amount of time or difficulty needed to obtain them. Each category awards a different amount of xp and achievement points. The categories are:

Minor (1 pt; 5,000 xp)

Small (2 pt; 15,000 xp)

Moderate (3 pt; 35,000 xp)

Large (4 pt; 75,000 xp)

Huge (5 pt; 155,000 xp)

Massive (6 pt; 627,500 xp)

Epic (7 pt; 1,267,500 xp)

Legendary (8 pt; 2,547,500 xp)

Mythic (9 pt; 5,107,500 xp)

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