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This page serves as a hub for various pages concerning accessibility on the MUD, particularly focused towards low or no vision players. It is a work in progress, spearheaded by Batflower with help from Kefka. Please contact them if you wish to help out in any way.

Getting Started

These tips should make it easier for a vision-impaired player to start out on the MUD, via things such as reducing the amount of text generated.

A player-run club named 'wayfinders' exists, which is dedicated to increasing accessibility and helping vision-impaired players. The command 'finger wayfinders' will give you information about the club and its members. Contact one of the recruiters if you wish to join the club.

Useful Aliases

The following pages contain lists of aliases, which allow you to write and store a bunch of commands, then assign a name to them which you can then use to execute those commands. A quick example would be aliasing 'get coins from corpses; bury corpses' to 'gcbc', allowing you to then type 'gcbc' to execute those commands.

  • GeneralAliases (aliases day to day things)
  • CombatAliases (aliases to perform combat-related actions)
  • TravelAliases (aliases generally consisting of directional commands to get you from A to B)
  • GuildAliases (aliases for guild commands and other guild-specific activities)


The MUD is a large place, and it's easy to get lost inside a large city. The following pages contain verbal maps of cities, and any other pertinent information about them.

For further assistance, the Map Text Search Page of Kefka's Map site allows you to search for text (e.g. a street name) within graphical maps. Resulting matches are highlighted on the graphical map, as well as being described in text. It helps to have a general idea of the layout of an area before trying to use this technique to find a specific location.

In cities which are generally circular, the textual result is described as a clock bearing and percentage from the centre of the city. For example, a search for a street name of "whopp" in the Ankh-Morpork map finds Whopping Street at "8 o'clock, 85% out from centre", indicating that it is in the southwest of the city, quite close to the outer edge of it.

In cities/terrain areas which are rectangular, the map is divided into nine sections - northwest, north, northeast, etc, and the textual result says which one a match was found in. For example, a search for a street name of "pang" in the Bes Pelargic map finds Pang Ho "In the northwest section of the area."

The search results also give the X,Y pixel co-ordinates of any matches, and the dimensions of the complete map.