Academy of Artificers

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Sto Lat Academy of Artificers by Kefka updated for Quow's Cow Bar

The Academy of Artificers is a satellite facility of the Unseen University in the city of Sto Lat, located on King's Road.


Isobel Kingdom and Headmaster Cutwell wander the facility. Isobel sells jewellery, and Headmaster Cutwell presumably teaches commands.

Ground floor

This is where you enter the academy and where the very large greenhouse can be accessed.

Touching the runes at the entrance will bring you to the entrance of the Academy's library.

The headmaster's office is also there.

Stapleton's Student Supplies

It sells, among other things, unusual clothes (a new form of pouched belt!), thaumometers and Rhokshials

It is also a general style shop (you can sell things) that sells things like: (Shop in itemdb)

  <adjective> <colour> towel for &&&&&&&&&&&&+400 A$1
  <colour> mineral pebble for &&&&&&&&&&&&&+48 12p
  artificer's boots for &&&&&&&&&&&+9500 A$23.75
  artificer's tool belt for &&&&&&&&&&&+8000 A$20
  beeswax candle for &&&&&&&&&&&&&+48 12p
  brown velvet and vermine robe for &&&&&&&&&&&+6000 A$15
  fish carved from varnish for &&&&&&&&&&&+1748 A$4.37
  hobnailed boots for &&&&&&&&&&&&+148 37p
  hooded wool robe for &&&&&&&&&&&+8000 A$20
  large satchel for &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 A$2.50
  lightable torch for &&&&&&&&&&&&&+48 12p
  oiled leather thigh holster for &&&&&&&&&&+14000 A$35
  old leaky quill for &&&&&&&&&&&&&+40 10p
  old staff for &&&&&&&&&&&&+320 80p
  ornamented boots for &&&&&&&&&&&+9500 A$23.75
  pointy wizard shoes for &&&&&&&&&&&&+100 25p
  pointy wizard's hat for &&&&&&&&&&&&+200 50p
  ritual belt for &&&&&&&&&&+10000 A$25
  ritual gauntlets for &&&&&&&&&&+16000 A$40
  second-hand lab robe for &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 A$2.50
  sequinned wizard's hat for &&&&&&&&&&&+1200 A$3
  silver medallion for &&&&&&&&&&&+3000 A$7.50
  silver necklace for &&&&&&&&&&&+1200 A$3
  small knife for &&&&&&&&&&&&&+48 12p
  small string bag (of small crystals) for &&&&&&&&&&&&+600 A$1.50
  thaumometer for &&&&&&&&&&+10000 A$25

Academy Legibles

Just south of Stapleton's Student Supplies is Academy Legibles which sells books, quills and other practical items.

(*Cough* better to buy loose papers from the nearby stationers.)

(Shop in itemdb)

  AA: a muddy brown leather-bound book for &&&&&&&&&&&+8000 A$20  (three left).
  AB: a rusty brown leather-bound book for &&&&&&&&&&&+8000 A$20  (five left).
  AC: a matte tan leather-bound book for &&&&&&&&&&&+8000 A$20  (one left).
  AD: a furry brown leather-bound book for &&&&&&&&&&&+8000 A$20  (two left).
  AE: a rich tan leather-bound book for &&&&&&&&&&&+8000 A$20  (four left).
  AF: a hammered bronze book for &&&&&&&&&&&+5000 A$12.50  (one left).
  AG: a soft tan book for &&&&&&&&&&&+5000 A$12.50  (four left).
  AH: a matte tan book for &&&&&&&&&&&+5000 A$12.50  (four left).
  AI: an earthy tan book for &&&&&&&&&&&+5000 A$12.50  (four left).
  AJ: a tan book for &&&&&&&&&&&+5000 A$12.50  (plenty left).
  AK: a swan's wing plume for &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 A$2.50  (three left).
  AL: a sturdy purple plume for &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 A$2.50  (plenty left).
  AM: a small neat quill for &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 A$2.50  (plenty left).
  AN: a sleek black plume for &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 A$2.50  (one left).
  AO: a jaunty crimson plume for &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 A$2.50  (two left).
  AP: an elegant golden plume for &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 A$2.50  (six left).
  AQ: a silver fountain pen for &&&&&&&&&&+80000 A$200  (one left).
  AR: a wizard's pointy hat for &&&&&&&&&&+10000 A$25  (three left).
  AS: a roll of labels for &&&&&&&&&&&+5000 A$12.50  (four left).
  AT: a small label for &&&&&&&&&&&&+100 25p  (fifty-one left).
  AU: a stick of chalk for &&&&&&&&&&&&&+16 4p  (plenty left).
  AV: a small glass bottle of gleaming silver ink for &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 A$2.50  (eight left).
  AW: a small glass bottle of dark brown ink for &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 A$2.50  (nineteen left).
  AX: a small glass bottle of bronze flecked grey ink for &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 A$2.50  (eight left).
  AY: a small glass bottle of steel grey ink for &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 A$2.50  (six left).
  AZ: a small glass bottle of pale lavender ink for &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 A$2.50  (nine left).
  BA: a quill for &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 A$2.50  (thirteen left).

Gildworthy's workshop

Master Gildworthy's workshop, where you can buy the tools and find the lathe for woodworking.

To enter you need to knock with an artifact for which you have enough of the appropriate subskill in magic.items.held to master it. This can tm.

It also sells special artificer made staves.

(Shop in itemdb)

  <length> riving of <wood> for varying amounts
  artificer's leather apron for A$3.75
  artificer's staff for A$113.12
  bar of scented wax for A$2 (the scent is specified in the description)
  black lacquered staff for A$50
  black obsidian staff for A$83
  blackthorn staff for A$20
  bodger's pattern book for A$48
  carved ivory staff for A$85.50
  carved ivy staff for A$25
  crooked staff for 80p
  drawknife for A$20
  oak walking staff for A$10
  old staff for 80p
  piece of fine-grade sandpaper for A$2
  rowan-wood staff for A$20
  sapphire staff for A$53
  scrap of sponge for A$2
  twisted wooden staff for A$25
  woodwind staff for A$75
  wrought iron staff for A$108

Second Floor

The second floor houses the student commons room.

The Library

Wheats' map of the Sto-Lat Library

The library is located on the northern end of the second floor.

The library contains the spellbook Thee Secrets of Artifyce and Crafte as well as a gap leading to L-space.

The exits are "Aisle 1" through to "Aisle 5", but the number of the aisle gets shifted every so often. However, the order is always the same.

The numbers on the map correspond to the order of the exit (if the exits are Aisle 3, Aisle 5, Aisle 2, exit 1 is Aisle 3).

Top floor

The Academy of Artificers contains a library and a gymnasium in which spells may be practiced on Mr Ritservals, and chambers for finesmithing and woodworking.

Begynners' Magick is across the hall from the gym, as is the local newbie chest.

Master Brimstone sells the more expensive storebought components and some very expensive items of his own design, he has the following things on sale:

  A: a clockwork band for &&&&&&&&&&+76500 A$191.25.
  B: a clockwork ring for &&&&&&&&&&+37500 A$93.75.
  C: a clockwork gear for &&&&&&&&&&&+2000 A$5.
  D: a brushed silver necklace for &&&&&&&&&&+32000 A$80.
  E: a polished gold necklace for &&&&&&&&&&+40000 A$100.
  F: an antiquated platinum necklace for &&&&&&&&&&+50000 A$125.
  G: an exquisite pearwood case for &&&&&&&&&+300000 A$750.
  H: a caged rowan case for &&&&&&&&&+200000 A$500.
  I: a filigreed rowan case for &&&&&&&&&+100000 A$250.
  J: a small rowan orb for &&&&&&&&&&+10000 A$25.
  K: an orange sliver of octiron for &&&&&&&&&&+25000 A$62.50.
  L: an eggshell blue glass nugget for &&&&&&&&&&+20000 A$50.

(Shop in itemdb)


There is an overgrown garden south of the Academy which contains a herb garden.

Searching the various rooms in the garden might turn up a variety of interesting objects such as:

  • Containers: battered pewter tankard
  • Jewellery: artificer's brooch, old brass cogwheel earring, magnificent silver ring, tiny pewter Academy brooch, tiny pewter anvil brooch, tiny pewter hammer brooch, tiny pewter leaf brooch
  • Misc: brown snail shell, clay shard, iron sun key, large seed, tiny frog-shaped bean
  • Minerals: bloodstone, quartz crystal, rose quartz pebble, smoky quartz pebble
  • Pets: friendly brown snail, friendly hairy caterpillar
  • Tools: neat little jeweller's hammer

You can hop on the cobbles around the garden, this uses

From a hidden room in the garden you can enter the Hammered Cat tavern. Go to the middle south room and type 'light torch' then 'enter waterfall'. Once inside the tavern, a magic.methods.spiritual.divining skillcheck is required to actually move between its various rooms in the direction you intend (this is similar to the IIL library). To leave, 'pass through the door' and 'bang hammer on the anvil'.

  • If you do venture into the Hammered Cat, you may (eventually) find a food grinder, a fillable sink (3 gallons of water), a stove, some herbs, and a cupboard with several bottles.
  • There is also a darts room with a magical darts board. This uses magic.methods.mental.animating.


The following component plants grow all over the garden and can be gathered:

A beehive can also be found in the garden

Additional herbs and flowers include:

Fruits and vegetables to be found (and gathered) include:


  • Headmaster Cutwell is the Headmaster of the Academy.
  • Professor Crondor is the Dean of the Academy.
  • Master Weestone is the dwarven master smith of the Academy.
  • Isobel Kingdom likes to work with clocks and pretty things, she sells clockwork jewellery she carries with her.
  • Schmit Milltonfist was a tanner that used to work with Weestone, teasing Weestone constantly, but he mysteriously disappeared when they were both alone testing a firing contraption deep in the plains.
  • Artifice Paledromme is the Historian of the Academy.
  • Mr Ritservals is a demon who provides wizards with a target for offensive spell practise (similar to a training dummy for melee.) He can be found in the gymnasium on the west side of the second floor.
  • Miss Scuddler is the secretary of Headmaster Cutwell at the Academy.
  • Master Gildworthy is the craftsman of old times, master of woodworking.
  • Feebil Stapleton is a very old wizard, he collects non-volatile reagents and sells useful supplies.
  • Mouser is the cat of the Academy. He is known for his love of the mice. Those who tried to kill him did not survive to realize their mistake.
  • The church mouse is the companion of mouser.

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