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When an NPC Thief steals from players he or she will leave a slip of paper, i.e. a receipt for the item or money stolen, which can be turned in to the gorgeous clerk in the Ankh-Morpork Thieves' Guild.

The names are likely to be randomly generated, except for Ilik.

  • Ilik Tanikalot (unique NPC, can be scried, but not flown to)
  • Ani Bronte
  • Ani Morrissey
  • Ani Swift
  • Apple Morris
  • Apple Weed
  • Beet Bronte
  • Beet Hawthorne
  • Bors Eliot
  • Bors the Relentless
  • Brat
  • Celery Burns
  • Celery Morrissey
  • Celery Swift
  • Dar Bronte
  • Dar Cupcake
  • Dar Morris
  • Lettuce Bing
  • Lettuce Burns
  • Lettuce Hawthorne
  • Sheryl Cupcake
  • Sheryl Hawthorne
  • Sheryl Swift
  • Sheryl Wibble
  • Sheryl Williams
  • Spinach Burns
  • Spinach the Relentless
  • Spinach Weed
  • Thoro Geese
  • Thoro Morris
  • Thoro Morrissey
  • Tingo Bing
  • Wally Burns
  • Wally Lawrence
  • Wally Swift
  • Watercress Morrissey
  • Watercress the Relentless
  • Wolfgang Morrissey

There is also a Jewel Thief lady npc which appears at the NE corner of the Plaza of Broken Moons, maybe after a search, she will quickly disappear afterwards

You notice a lady observing one of the nearby stalls.
You see a woman remove a few choice items from the jewellery stall.

There is no way she could still be under her theft quota for the week with the
amount of stuff she seems to be taking.  Someone should do something about it.
The thief is hiding behind one of the other stalls and in your
professional opinion as a hardened adventurer, she was probably casing one of
the stalls for prospects.  With the amount of stuff she has on her, she must
have been exceeding her theft quota for the week.  Someone should do something
about it.
She is in good shape.
She is standing.
Holding : a long sword (left hand).
Wearing : a pair of soft leather shoes, a pair of blue-black trousers and a
          red-black shirt.
Her purse is home to only moths!

The jewel thief slips between a couple of stalls and disappears.