8 Plaza of Broken Moons

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The Merry Fox
Player shops information
City AM
Name The Merry Fox
Location 8 Plaza of Broken Moons, southeast corner of Plaza
Owner PozPaws
Managers Andrew, Chimara
Helpers Details needed.
Bank counter None
Other amenities large shop counter, imp, blackboard
Size (square yards) 100
Updated 2015-11-26


Scrolls & Components: 10 different items for sale.
Blorples without Borders: 13 different items for sale.
Newbie Aid: 8 different items for sale.
Assorted Containers & Scabbards: 13 different items for sale.
Armour: 7 different items for sale.
Pretty Things: 8 different items for sale.
Quests (with titles): 5 different items for sale.
Weapons: 5 different items for sale.
Faith Aid: 4 different items for sale.
Dress For The Weather: 4 different items for sale.
Job Office Aid: 3 different items for sale.
Generally Speaking: 1 different item for sale.
TM Aid: 1 different item for sale.
Rare & Unusual: 2 different items for sale.
The category Healing Potions does not have anything for sale.


You read the blackboard:
Welcome to The Merry Fox!


We currently stock scrolls (mainly JPCT, CCC (the new one), TPA, and FNP, although we are also open to stocking other scrolls that you may need like EHA and FFM) and  all three types of CCC kits. If there is anything you would like to see in this (or any) category which isn't already here, please send PozPaws or Andrew your suggestions in a tell or by mail.

Our buying prices are as follows:

4 x JPCT for 12 dollars,
2 x JPCT for 9 dollars,
4 x CCC for 9 dollars,
4 x TPA for 8 dollars.

Please sell your packets named as follows:

JPCT Scrolls (4)

Please ensure that all packets are closed when you sell scrolls to the shop, and please use only small and tiny packets.

Please sell scrolls in batches of five. This makes them easier to approve!

Healing Tea

If you're selling healing tea, we only buy tea that has a brewing bonus of 400 or above; please sell your bottles in batches of five. Please ensure that your bottles are completely full and that they are open.

Questing Items

We have a comprehensive questing category that we hope will make your adventuring a little easier! We get everything together to make your life a little easier and help you get your XP faster!

Other Info

We also sell assorted weapons, scabbards, containers, blorps, and relics. We also sell TM-related goodies and rare hard-to-find job-related items. Take a look at our other sections for random items of a playful nature; we also stock other lovelies that you may suddenly find you cannot live without.

Our newbie packs are painstakingly put together and sold for the cheap price of $10 in an effort to show newbies that the world is a friendly welcoming place!

We welcome feedback from our customers; positive or negative! Please don't hestitate to contact PozPaws, Andrew, or Chimara if you need to!

Finally, please feel free to hang out in the shop as much as you like, and if you find us here, we welcome you to talk to us and socialise as much as you like. Happy shopping!

-- PozPaws, Andrew, and Chimara --
Proprietors, The Merry Fox