8 Plaza of Broken Moons

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The Dancing Hedgehog
Player shops information
City AM
Name The Dancing Hedgehog
Location 8 Plaza of Broken Moons, southeast corner of Plaza
Owner Fole,Nefret,Aphaea and Heretics
Managers Details needed.
Helpers Details needed.
Bank counter None
Other amenities large shop counter, pickler, blackboard
Size (square yards) 100
Updated 2014-03-12


  • Armour
  • Books & Literature (eg language primers)
  • Blorps, all rings are engraved with their destination.
  • Clothing
  • Components(eg ash, CCC kits, twisted black amulets)
  • Containers & Scabbards
  • Custom
  • General
  • Guild Point Lights
  • Healing Tea
  • Potions
  • Quest Items
  • Rare & T-Shop (eg items from the Travelling Shop)
  • Scrolls
  • TM Assistance
  • Weapons


You read the blackboard:
Written in chalk:

   	       ~The Dancing Hedgehog~            
    Owners: Fole,Nefret,Aphaea and Heretics     
		      We buy:                    
 (Pack of 4, small/tiny packets, batches of 5   
        JPCT - A$20     GFR & CCC - A$12        
        TPA - A$10      FNP & FTF - A$15        
        CCC kits(4 casts, in box) - A$50        
     Healing Tea BWB 400+ in batches of 5       
   	and other items as appropriate           
	           T-shop items:                 
  Iron gauntlets - A$1500  Flat caps   - A$300  
  Bronze helm    - A$550   Dex gloves  - A$300  
  Small compact  - A$100   Magic lamp  - A$1500 
 Darkened stile - A$1000 Tiger fang     - A$150 
 KS knife       - A$1000 Sapphire sword - A$250 
 Steel shoto    - A$1500 Black h-sword  - A$100 
 	Permalights - A$3000 + jewellery cost    
Talk to us for faith rods, quest items & primers
     Please recycle bottles and packets in      
         the recycle bin or the coffin          
        Mail any suggestions to Aphaea          
          Thank you for your custom!