8 Plaza of Broken Moons

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The Dancing Hedgehog
Player shops information
City AM
Name The Dancing Hedgehog
Location 8 Plaza of Broken Moons, southeast corner of Plaza
Owner Fole
Managers Nefret, Almarna, Mischief, Aphaea, Gellan
Helpers Kyr, Mephala
Bank counter None
Other amenities large shop counter, fireplace
Size (square yards) 100
Updated 2011-08-28


  • Armour
  • Books & Literature (eg language primers)
  • Blorps, all rings are engraved with their destination.
  • Clothing
  • Components(eg ash, CCC kits, twisted black amulets)
  • Containers & Scabbards
  • Custom
  • General
  • Guild Point Lights
  • Healing Tea
  • Potions
  • Quest Items
  • Rare & T-Shop (eg items from the Travelling Shop)
  • Scrolls
  • TM Assistance
  • Weapons


> read blackboard
You read the blackboard:
Written in chalk:

        ~The Dancing Hedgehog~          
 Proprieters: Fole, Nefret, Almarna,   
      Mischief, Aphaea and Gellan.     
        Helpers: Kyr and Mephala       
We buy:                                
   Scrolls for 10 dollars per 4 pack   
 Healing Tea BWB 300+ in batches of 5  
    and other items as appropriate.    
 Please recycle bottles and packets on 
            the recycle bin.           
Suggestions/ideas for stock are welcome
    place a paper on Suggestions.      
        Thank you for your custom