2a Market Street

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Market Street Merchandise Company
Player shops information
City BP
Name Market Street Merchandise Company
Location 2a Market Street, just east of Elysien St.
Owner Booger
Managers Gnu, Lyriana
Helpers Details needed.
Bank counter None
Other amenities large shop counter, blackboard
Size (square yards) 100
Updated 2022-04-22

Healing Potions: 2 different items for sale.
Scrolls: 5 different items for sale.
   Check Wizardly Components for CCC Kits
The categories Misc. (Canteens, etc.), Perma Light and Wizardly Components do not have anything for sale.

You read the blackboard:
Written in chalk:
Sorry for the low inventory -
Will be on a short hiatus both here
and at NT.  Back soon!