2 Quayside Way

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Leeroy Luvmussel's Hall of Heads
Player shops information
City Ohulan-Cutash
Name Leeroy Luvmussel's Hall of Heads
Location 2 Quayside Way, near west end, a bit north
Owner Leeroy
Managers Details needed.
Helpers Details needed.
Bank counter None
Other amenities medium shop counter, piano, pickler, imp
Size (square yards) 89
Updated 2020-09-29


Leeroy's Library: 20 different items for sale.
Hall of Heads: 24 different items for sale.
Wizardly Necessities: 1 different item for sale.
Luvmussel's Language Learners - Spoken & Written: 3 different items for sale.
The category Scrolls for Adventurers does not have anything for sale.