27 God Street

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Stabba's Bank
Player shops information
City AM
Name Stabba's Bank
Location 27 God Street, north side
Owner OnnaStick, Navbug, Nasrin
Bank counter  Master Unlimited capacity  Stabba counter, 3%/variable 1% with stabba_prime membership
Other amenities money changer, pickler (A$0.11/item), imp, blackboard
Size (square yards) 100
Updated 2021-12-30

No stock

Money Changer Rates

list rates on changer

  Exchange Rates:
     Local (Ankh-Morpork)        : 1%
     From Djelibeybi             : 3%
     To Djelibeybi               : 2%
     From Lancre                 : 3%
     To Lancre                   : 2%
     From Ephebe                 : 3%
     To Ephebe                   : 2%
     From Klatch                 : 5%
     To Klatch                   : 1%
     From Counterweight Continent: 3%
     To Counterweight Continent  : 1%
     From Genua                  : 3%
     To Genua                    : 1%

You check the exchange rates on the money changer.


You read the blackboard:
Written in chalk:

 * Stabba's Bank *

Owned & Managed by:
Navbug OnnaStick Nasrin

Welcome to Stabba's Bank! A revolution in banking. We are proud to boast the cheapest deposit rates and
the cheapest money exchange counter on the entire Disc! And if you become a Stabba_Prime member, it gets
unbelievably better.

Standard deposit fee: 3%
Stabba_Prime members' deposit fee: 1%
Stabba_Prime members' membership cost: $700 
Stabba_Prime members' fee covers all deposits made at this master bank location 27 God Street,
Ankh-Morpork, lasting the entire leasehold, till approximately  RoundWorld August 2022

Please send a tell to Navbug, OnnaStick or Nasrin to join 

Please try the best money exchange counter on the disc with the syntax:
change [lancre\cwc\djb\genua\ephebe\AM\klatch] coins into
[royals\ten-dollars\dollars\half-dollars\ten-pence\pence] on changer

You can use the following alias, when changing from another currency to AM $. changetoAM[CWC\Lancre\etc]

alias changetoam $*$ change $*$ coins into royals on changer; change $*$ coins into ten-dollars on
changer; change $*$ coins into dollars on changer; change $*$ coins into half-dollars on changer; change
$*$ coins into ten-pence on changer; change $*$ coins into pence on changer;

List rates on changer and see for yourself, from any currency - to any currency, our rates just can't be

Thanks for stopping by my friend, and keep on Stabbin'!