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|Location = north side
|Location = north side
|Owner = OnnaStick, Navbug, Nasrin
|Owner = OnnaStick, Navbug, Nasrin
|Managers = *
|Managers =  
|Helpers = *
|Helpers =  
|Amenities = money changer, pickler (A$0.11/item), imp, blackboard
|Amenities = money changer, pickler (A$0.11/item), imp, blackboard
|Bank = Stabba
|Bank = Stabba

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Stabba's Bank
Player shops information
City AM
Name Stabba's Bank
Location 27 God Street, north side
Owner OnnaStick, Navbug, Nasrin
Managers Details needed.
Helpers Details needed.
Bank counter  Master Unlimited capacity  Stabba counter, 1-3% variable
Other amenities money changer, pickler (A$0.11/item), imp, blackboard
Size (square yards) 100
Updated 2021-12-30

Stabba's Master Bank Counter

Standard deposit fee        3%

Guild level <51 deposit fee 2%

stabba_prime club members   1%

Fee to join stabba_prime  AM$700

Money Changer Rates

list rates on changer

  Exchange Rates:
     Local (Ankh-Morpork)        : 1%
     From Djelibeybi             : 3%
     To Djelibeybi               : 2%
     From Lancre                 : 3%
     To Lancre                   : 2%
     From Ephebe                 : 3%
     To Ephebe                   : 2%
     From Klatch                 : 5%
     To Klatch                   : 1%
     From Counterweight Continent: 3%
     To Counterweight Continent  : 1%
     From Genua                  : 3%
     To Genua                    : 1%

You check the exchange rates on the money changer.


You read the blackboard:
Written in chalk:

 * Stabba's Bank *

Owned & Managed by:
Navbug OnnaStick Nasrin
Welcome to Stabba's Bank! A revolution in banking. We are proud to boast the cheapest deposit rates and
the cheapest money exchange counter on the entire Disc! And if you become a Stabba_Prime member, it gets
unbelievably better.

Standard deposit fee: 3%
Stabba_Prime members' deposit fee: 1%
Stabba_Prime members' membership cost: $700 
Stabba_Prime members' fee covers all deposits made at this master bank location 27 God Street,
Ankh-Morpork, lasting the entire leasehold, till approximately  RoundWorld August 2022

Please send a tell to Navbug, OnnaStick or Nasrin to join 

Please try the best money exchange counter on the disc with the syntax:

change [lancre\cwc\djb\genua\ephebe\AM\klatch] coins into
[royals\ten-dollars\dollars\half-dollars\ten-pence\pence] on changer

You can use the following alias, when changing from another currency to AM $. changetoAM[CWC\Lancre\etc]

alias changetoam $*$ change $*$ coins into royals on changer; change $*$ coins into ten-dollars on
changer; change $*$ coins into dollars on changer; change $*$ coins into half-dollars on changer; change
$*$ coins into ten-pence on changer; change $*$ coins into pence on changer;

List rates on changer and see for yourself, from any currency - to any currency, our rates just can't be

Thanks for stopping by my friend, and keep on Stabbin'!