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The Spellcheck Project

Okay, first thing's first: This is a website about the Discworld MUD. If you don't know what that is, you don't want to be here (unless you want to play; follow the previous link if you do).

This site wasn't made for newbies. It was started a few years ago as a database/web coding project by noda, as well as a research project on the MUD by noda. Gaelen had taken over the site and was maintaining it for quite a while, but due to some recent developments he has left it to me, Vasp.

If you DO know the basics, check out the Research link on the left - it will give you details. If you don't, check out the Links link, which has some sites on it which are more newbie-friendly.


Thanks to the help of Winswand and a few other players, a lot of information on this website has been updated. You all can help too - log in and submit your spellchecks and mudmail me (Vasp) with anything that needs to be updated.

A new method of logging in has been implemented - it does not require a password, instead you must confirm your discworld character identity by following a few simple instructions.

Logging in with a name and password will continue to work, but you must have logged in with the above method at least once.

Once you are logged in, there is now the option to change your login password.