My DiscWorld MUD Page Archive

I have been playing the mud since 2002, and had a short period as a creator in 2009. I am now creating again, and so this site is on hiatus. It contains only that information I discovered as a player, and the content is no longer being updated - if any content is out of date due to changes and updates in the game, then the website will not be updated to reflect those changes.

This site was originally Wizard orientated, but may contain information of interest to non-wizards. Note that this site does not seek to duplicate other sites, so if you're looking for things like spell information, you're probably in the wrong place. It's an ad-hoc collection.

I now mostly play a Pishite. However, all the original material remains in place. Stuff may be out of date, I'm trying to work through it, but it takes time. Feel free to email me about any glaring errors you spot.

Anything that looks like this is a command typed to the mud.

I don't do taxiing, and have little interest in trading.


This site relates to the Discworld MUD. Discworld is a registered trade mark of Terry Pratchett. This site is in no way connected with nor does it make any claim of endorsement by either Terry Pratchett or the publishers or distributors of the Discworld books. I commend the Discworld books to all visitors to this site, they provide invaluable background to MUDders.

This site is not formally approved by the cre's. Don't assume that by doing anything this site says that you won't be breaking MUD rules. However, I will happily remove anything the cre's ask me to, and I don't think that there's anything here that's considered "should not be published".

What is a MUD? In this case, it is a multi-player game played across the internet and themed around the Discworld books written by Terry Pratchett.

Geocities Mirror

I have a partial mirror of mud websites formerly hosted on prior to the closure of that site in Autumn 2009.