Queen Shelox



Queen Shelox is a spider that dwells is a hidden lair in Gloomy Forest. Killing her is the objective of the Epic achievement "Arachnophobia" and is the first raid-style encounter coded on the Discworld MUD. The fight is hard and requires all players to have high skills and act independantly.

When you kill her a chest is spawned that contains a few Lancre crowns and 1, 2 or 3 items from the following list.


Shelox's lair is in Gloomy Forest, the map below shows the exact location.

Shelox Lair Map

The Fight

The encounter is split into two phases, there is a timelimit in which Shelox must die (currently thought to be 30 minutes from entering combat).


The group should meet up and prepare at the room above the lair before entering (the purple room on the map). All spells and rituals that will be needed should be cast here as there won't be time later. There may be cocoons on the floor in this room, cut them all open and kill whatever spawns before you start, this will potentially save lives on failed attempts.

The group should unfollow/lose everyone and then everyone should follow the tank, as soon as everyone is ready the tank should go down into the lair and immediately lose everyone again.

General Mechanics

The Floor of the lair is covered in sticky goo that hampers movement. In both phases of the fight it is important to move in a timely manner. There is a skillcheck (currently unknown) to avoid getting stuck or the spell Finneblaugh's Thaumic Float (FTF) can be used to negate the effects entirely.

Shelox will periodically shoot a web that will cocoon a random member of the group (not the tank). One member of the group should be nominated in advance for finding the cocoons and cutting them open to release the webbed player. A backup cutter should also be nominated in case the main cutter is cocooned. This should be treated as the highest priority of the cutters in the whole fight. A sharp-bladed weapon is needed for opening the cocoons. When inside a cocoon it is possible to drink healing tea etc but all other actions are blocked.

Players will find their gp regeneration is reduced at times (exact mechanism unknown), Intelligence tea will remove this effect but has the usual side effects. Anti-venom and careful monitoring of GP mean these negative effects can be overcome with sufficient care.

If a player's health drops very low they are ejected from the lair and find themselves cocooned upstairs in the preparation room. They are able to heal up and be cut out by someone else in the room. Because the entrance to the lair will be closed they cannot rejoin the fight.

Phase One

The tank moves first to Shelox's location, this secures their status as tank by Shelox. The rest of the group then joins them and everyone attacks. At this point the entrance/exit from the lair closes preventing escape.

Periodically Shelox will prepare to spray acid. Provided someone is in the room with her she will only spray that person, otherwise everyone in the lair will be sprayed. Everyone but the tank should leave the room when the attack is announced and return immediately after. Being wet and acid protection from Heezlewurst's Elemental Buffer (HEB) reduce the damage from this attack.

Shelox will spawn a large number of weak-ish spider adds every now and then, these should be taken down as quickly as possible to prevent too many spawned at once. Area of Effect (AoE) spells are best for this purpose.

Phase Two

After Shelox has taken sufficient damage the second phase of the fight begins.

Players will start to take damage from the floor as acid builds up in Shelox's current room. Foot armour reduces this damage and FTF completely negates the effect. If everyone in the group is floating then this element of the fight can be ignored, otherwise the group will periodically need to reposition to keep the damage under control. When moving Shelox it is important that the tank is the last one to leave the room so they are still recognised as the tank by Shelox.

Shelox will continue to spawn adds, but less of them and they have a lot more health and hit harder, again these should be dealt with as a priority.

Useful Triggers

{An ominous gurgling noise can be heard coming from Queen Shelox} --- Shelox is preparing an acid spray attack.
{Screaming echoes throughout the lair} --- The acid spray attack is over.
{Queen Shelox melts you with her acidic venom} --- Shelox's acid spray attack hit you. (Only tank should see this)
{scuttle up from below} --- Spider adds spawned.
{thick string of web hurtling at you} --- You have been webbed.
{Webbing shoots out from Queen Shelox's abdomen and slams into (.*)\..*\.} --- A group member has been webbed.
{The energetic feeling drains out of you} --- Your gp regen has been reduced.
{cocoon.* on the floor} --- Useful for colour highlighting cocoons.

Notes, Tips