Majir's Discworld MUD Pages

Welcome to my site, hopefully I'll be adding more content over time.

Skills & Stats Tool

A Java Applet for setting up and then saving profiles of characters, tweaking their skills, bonuses and stats and seeing how that affects health, regen rates etc. It also has a training cost tab where you can work out how much it'll cost to get those 1000s of heavy-sword skills, providing you automatically with an up-to-date list of teachers to select from. Click here for the stats tool

Armour Mannequin

A Java Applet that lets you select from all the armour available on Discworld MUD. When you "equip" items all other armours that would conflict with your choices are greyed out automagically. If you supply your strength stat it will also calculate the burden load of your selected armour. Click here for the armour mannequin

Map of the Shades (Ankh-Morpork)

Link to GIF. Tip: If you need to get out of the shades you can always use these rules:- If the room has 8 exits use "2", otherwise use "1" - it won't always be the fastest route out, but it'll usually get you out faster than random guessing.

Map of the Artificer's Academy Library (Sto Lat)

Link to GIF


Here is a description of the Shelox encounter, note it is out of date but provides a basic overview.

XP Reduction

Ever wondered why your xp rates go down after a while and exactly what's going on? Read all about it here.

Cheap Lives!

Low on funds or just fancy trying something new? Visit the Golden Chicken and have some Tamagotchi-style fun.

IPv4 to IPv6 localhost proxy for Discworld Mud

Got an IPv6 connection working by hook or by crook, but now you find your favourite Mud client doesn't support it? You can either use Taffyd's remote proxy or run this one locally.