Number Chasers

Last update August 5th, 2012.

The Club

Founded by Calosal D'Chaser

So you think you're a Number Chaser?

We are the true Number Chasers. We chase it all - xp, money, bonuses, nice things. If it can be collected, we have it (and we're willing to share it with you through our stores). We are serious yet light hearted about our chasing. We are friends who group to be together and the number chasing kind of just happens. We are not bloodthirsty about chasing, we just do our thing.

If you think you want to number chase in a friendly way, contact one of our recruiters.

The recruiters are: Andle, Calosal, Chooxen, Chydium, Dmorph, Emily, Garrion, Legion, Leyan, Mothergoose, Nemaine, Nightcrawler, Quinton and Talya.

As Number Chasers, one of our major club activities is grouping together. Before inviting you into the club, we would want you to group with us a few times. This gives you and us the opportunity to see if our club is right for you. Whether you are PK or NPK doesn't matter to us so long as you understand that the first principle of our club is that we are all friends.

Due to the nature of the areas where our groups hunt, we believe that people should be at least one day old before asking to join. Because we know that age is not a true indication of skill, this is not so much a rule as a guideline.

Our Members

Our current members

Following is a complete list of all club members to date.

Abinidi, Alazar, Andle, Angal, Ank, Archilus, Ares, Arrein, Arwyn, Asherah, Beauty, Benkei, Brexen, Calosal, Calous, Carisma, Chooxen, Chord, Chydium, Coran, Covad, Cruxis, Daz, Diago, Disgruntled, Disparity, Dmorph, Donk, Draze, Dtrain, Elohar, Emily, Ephex, Eyore, Faro, Feef, Garrion, Gifford, Grendel, Gwyn, Haug, Helia, Jizi, Juppie, Kaedes, Kaijin, Kate, Keiichi, Khish, Koss, Legion, Leyan, Liege, Lightning, Lini, Malazar, Matty, Mayhem, Mortifi, Mothergoose, Mumpfi, Naleon, Nat, Nemaine, Nightcrawler, Noise, Nuit, Otdothe, Percussor, Phanuel, Phix, Ptari, Pyreet, Pyron, Quinton, Ramza, Rath, Razuuk, Rinilli, Senexis, Shalimar, Silgni, Skippy, Sleipnir, Sniperzeye, Soulcatcher, Sparkie, Talya, Tatanka, Tating, Taz, Therion, Torment, Tribal, Trouble, Yuki, Zardo and Zhoutai.

Some of our members provide teaching and other services. See the Teaching and Other Services sections for more details.