Disc Wizards

Welcome to the Wizards pages. Here you will find your spellcheck charts, spell information, EFF shields, CIPS charges and so on.


Item Description
All Spells View the complete spell list.
Offensive Spells View all offensive spells.
Defensive Spells View all defensive spells.
Miscellaneous Spells View all miscellaneous spells.
Spells By Skill See which skills are used in which spells. This also gives you an indication of how likely you are to succeed in casting each spell.
Submit Spellcheck Submit a spellcheck for any spell. This helps to maintain the accuracy of the indicators of how likely you are to succeed casting a spell.


Item Description
Mindspace Calculator Calculate how much of your mindspace is being used by your current spells. This also works out how much mindspace you will have remaining for additional spells.
Spell Nicknames A list of nicknames for spells. This allows you to refer to spells in-game by their abbreviations rather than having to type out the whole spell name every time. Ie, 'cast pfg'.
EFF Shields A list of weights and bonus requirements for each shield, for use with Endorphin's Floating Friend.
CIPS Charges A set of charts indicating the average number of charges in a pickling stick created with CIPS, for different method and miscellaneous bonuses.