Here are my maps. The city maps are a work in progress and are created from my mapper for MUSHClient, written by Ecthelion.

A huge thank you to Zari for providing the UU library maps. Also thanks to The Lucky Cat from whom I adapted the map of the Bes Pelargic guild.

Guilds & Libraries

Map Description
UU Library - Book Map A map of the first 23 rows of the Unseen University library, showing where all the books are.
UU Library - Full Map A full map of the UU library, containing 160 rows and thaum counts.
Bes Pelargic L-Space Bubble A full map of the Bes Pelargic wizards' guild.


Map Description
Ankh-Morpork My map of Ankh-Morpork.
Bes Pelargic My map of Bes Pelargic.
Djelibeybi My map of Djelibeybi.
Ephebe My map of Ephebe.
Genua My map of Genua.