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Welcome to Disc Wizards, the home of all things wizardy. Created for your wizarding pleasure by Balzaar of Demons.


5th July 2013 - Spell Components & More!
I have been adding some extra functionality to the site. The most useful of these being that I have added spell components to each spell. I also added a few extra maps, tidied up some pages and started adding guild information. More to come!
1st July 2013 - New Host.
I have migrated the site to a new host, AppFog, and have also bought a new URL, www.discwizards.co.uk. Hopefully everything should be working as before but if you notice anything broken please let me know.
6th Feb 2013 - Password Changing & Screen Reader Support!
If you are logged in, you may notice a new "My Account" link in the rop right hand corner. Here you can change your password and change your account settings. This includes an option for using a screen reader, which simplifies some of the data tables.
6th Feb 2013 - Various Improvements.
I have made various minor tweaks. These include some styling changes and code improvements. I had a request to make the size column sortable on the spell list, which I have done along with the GP and name columns. I also added a new column to the primaries table when viewing a spell to tell you which primaries each order has. I have also re-added the 'diff' column in the spell details table as requested.
31st Jan 2013 - Improved Bonus Visualisation.
I managed to figure out a better way to show your current bonus and bonus requirements on the spell page. This should now be working in a much more familiar way for those who were used to the old site(s).
31st Jan 2013 - Ephebe!!
In case anybody missed it, Ephebe is now in-game!!1one
26th Jan 2013 - EFF Shield Table.
I have added a copy of the EFF shield table from the Wiki (originally compiled by Sined, I believe) which gives bonus requirements for floating each type of shield.
16th Jan 2013 - Maps and More!
I have added some UU maps to the site, huge thank you to Zari for providing these! I have also pretty much finished implementing the spellcheck functionality.
15th Jan 2013 - Spellcheck Submission Working!
I have implement the submission of spellcheck information. There are 2 options when submitting: either tick the checkbox and use your imported skills (when logged in) or simply include the relevant skills in the spellcheck.
14th Jan 2013 - Mindspace Calculator!
As far as I can tell, the mindspace calculator is now working.